Letter to Hyrule Castle

Dear Hyrule Castle Staff,

I am writing to thou to break with the amount of guards guarding the castle. Princess Zelda wilt be protect’d at all costs. After decades of kidnappings, it’s gross in sense that thither art some flaws with how she is protect’d. I cullionly, it’s not we can clepe on link every time thither is some sort of calamity. remember, this is The Legend of Zelda, not Super Mario Bros.  That is not all with problems of the castle. The food hither is getting boring. roast’d lamb f’r breakfast, lunch, and dinner is ridiculous. Some of the peasants englut tastier food than this. I propose we replace lamb with pizza. Well, that is it f’r this letter, as I am running low on ink.

Chancellor of Lorule

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Analysis

Arguably one of the worst Zelda games of all time, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is a gem in it’s own right. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic Hyrule, Link, our hero, embarks on an epic quest to cure Hyrule of the everlasting twilight barriers. What Twilight Princess does very well is giving the characters in the game a personality that you can never forget. Firstly, Midna. A mischievous rogue of the Twilit tribe. Her goal is to overthrow the usurper Zant the self-proclaimed “King of Hyrule”. Zant is attempting to cloak Hyrule in a cloak of Twilight, an abstract substance that creates utter chaos. Teaming up with Link, they aim to restore Hyrule to it’s once glorious state. I dote Minda’s character, as it’s great comedy relief after an epic journey traversing through dungeons.Another thing Twilight Princess does well is having large plot twists mid story. Spoilers will be coming, so unless you don’t mind them, I suggest not reading this part. After defeating morpheel and obtaining the last of the twilight fragments, Link and Minda are confronted by Zant. Zant takes away all of the fragments of twilight you have been working toward completing and destroys them. At the same time gravely injuring Midna. Link is now in a race against time to find someone to save her before she disappears. That one moment lapsed me. I was going through the spleen Link felt about Zant. Link’s emotions made me feel very vindictive towards Zant. That feeling is something only a game of high caliber can exhibit.

Finally, and arguably one of the best parts of Twilight Princess is the music. Almost every single piece of music is a mastery. They are all so perfectly tuned and fit so well with the scenario, that it’s mind blowing. One track in specific that connects me with Midna is Midna’s Lament. After being exposed to the light lanyru guardian, Midna’s energy was drained completely. Link was now in a race against time to save Midna before she dies. The music just tied me with Midna and make me envy Zant even more.

Ode to the Ocarina

Ocarina, Ocarina, how you sound so mystical

Each song you play evokes me to hum a tune in my head

The blue you sport emulates the potent power and mysteriousness you possess

Please ward off the evil that looms over Hyrule

You are our savior

For one day, we will need you

Ocarina, Ocarina, how you sound so mystical

Internal Rhyme – Red

Alliteration – Blue

Repetition – Green

Controversey on Pokemon

Please read this before continuing: This is not a game review, it is a rant on the highly controversial topic of “Pokemon is for kids!”

I’m assuming you all know what Pokemon is, whether you like the series or not. By around 2002, Pokemon was losing popularity. For some reason, kids had a new mind-set that “Pokemon was for little kids”. This phrase most likely came around when some older kid didn’t have the privilege of owning a Game Boy or the game itself. Regardless, older kids slowly stopped playing it, and labeled it a a game for “immature” people.  I do not believe this at all.

All around the world, people, ages 13 and up still play this game, avidly, at that.  There are numerous communities, where people of all genders interact, cooperate, and enjoy playing Pokemon. Examples would be Youtube channels collaborating, and chatting with each other. People on twitter ask for trades, battles, and sometimes even chat with each other. The community is rather small when compared to Call of Duty communities, but it’s close. Everyone knows each other. I would rather not rant, so continuing on, I will be addressing the Call of Duty esqe player’s opinion on the game more in depth.

When I address Call of Duty players, I mean First Person Shooter players; or FPS players. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against FPS players, it’s just the way biased against Pokemon and other Nintendo Franchises. Pokemon is an RPG adventure, there are many others like. Basically, your party — or team-mates, level up, gain experience and are able to use more powerful attacks. Along with with, there is an element of strategy in each RPG game. For example, who to attack with which team-mate, when to attack, and where to move team-mates. In Pokemon, it is very similar. Your Pokemon gain levels, become more powerful, and in turn, help you win more battles. As for the strategy, during the main game there really is none. Just memorize which type is best used against another type. When battling with friend, it’s completely different. To preserve your Pokemon and win each battle, you have to predict what your opponent is going to do and counter them. It seems simple, but it is very hard when people play mind-games with you. Regardless, it’s not an immature game, as you need a certain level of intelligence and have enough logic to play the game properly.  So to conclude, the main story doesn’t take much brain power to complete, but battling competitively with people around the world does.


In my opinion, the real treasure in the main series Pokemon games is the competitive scene. It’s exhilarating trying to predict what your opponent does, and when you get your predictions right, it feels good. The thing FPS games and Pokemon games share is their immense amount of competitiveness. All of us want to win, so we use all means necessary. In FPS game’s case, uses different war tactics to slowly wear down your enemies. In Pokemon’s case, use complex predictions to crush your opponent’s team, while preserving yours as much as possible. I stand by the fact that Pokemon is not a children’s game. For the most part, it takes a high level of knowledge, logic, and intelligence to play. If you are against the game even after I wrote this, fine, but please don’t make pathetic excuses to back of your opinion. If you’re thinking of trying the games out, I highly recommend them.


Links for competitive battling in Pokemon:

http://www.smogon.com/ (main-stream rule set and strategies for playing competitive Pokemon)

http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/ (simulator for trying different sets and Pokemon against other people)

http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Main_Page (a Wikipedia for Pokemon)




Super Mario 3D World Review (Part 2)


Super Mario 3D World has a very unique story line. As a mentioned on my previous post, Princess Peach is not the one who gets kidnapped by Bowser. It is in fact the Sprixies, a group of sprites with powers who get kidnapped. It is Mario and his friend’s jobs to save them. In each world, your goal is to save a Sprixie from one of Bowser’s many fortresses.  Basically, the goal of the game is to save all of the Sprixie from Bowser’s grasp.



Super Mario 3D World plays the same as Super Mario 3D Land. In my opinion, I find that the controls to be very uncomfortable and wonky. I always have to stretch my thumb to get to the D-Pad on my Wii Remote. Despite that, the controls are probably best left that way. Otherwise, the hand straining might get worse. Not only are there Wii Remotes used to control your characters, but there is also a Wii U GamePad for one player.  I find the Gamepad controls to be much more comfortable. The Gamepad fits in my hand, and supports the movement of my thumb. It has to be my favorite out of all ways to control the character. Finally, there is the Wii U Pro Controller. The Pro Controller is a great addition to the standard Wii Remote and Gamepad set.  It handles similarly to the GamePad controller. The circle pad is very close to the edge of my controller, so my thumb is not strained on that medium of controller either. Overall, I find the medium for controlling to be fairly strong.



Vocabulary Words – Bold

Transitions (8) – Underline

Super Mario 3D World Review (Part 1)

Super Mario 3D world, the newest Mario game to hit the markets. The sequel to Super Mario 3D Land does impress. Without further ado lets begin this review!


In 2011, Nintendo released Super Mario 3D land, which introduced a brand-new aspect the main Super Mario series, 360 degree movement. Finally taking a step back from the side scrolling levels, Nintendo decided to release a main series game that wowed the community. Despite this, Super Mario 3D land lacked multiplayer, which was a huge flaw since main series Mario games almost always included them. Super Mario 3D World patched that right up. With a roster of Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, and Rosalina, this game made for interesting gameplay, as each character was different from each other in terms of play-style. Looking into Mario, there really isn’t much to say. He isn’t very special. He doesn’t get extra air time; higher speed; or special stunning attacks. He’s a very basic character who new players will love. Mario’s brother, Luigi, on the other hand is very interesting to look at. Luigi runs at par as Mario, but Luigi has a very helpful move to help him stand out, the flutter jump. Luigi can stay in the air for about half a second longer than Mario, Toad, and Rosalina. This may not seem like a big deal, but in sticky situations, he can pull through. This may seem like he is better than Mario, but he does have a flaw. Luigi skids as he stops running. If you aren’t careful, Luigi can skid right off the edge of a level. Servant to Princess Peach, Toad is a great character for speed runners. Toad is a speed demon. After running for some time, he gets a large boost and can rocket ahead of other characters. He is the fastest character in this game. The downside to Toad is that he can’t jump high, so I don’t recommend him for levels with a lot of platforming. Our damsel in distress, Princess Peach is next. Peach has a very unique play-style, and suits new players similarly to Mario. Despite this, she has a play-style that is exclusive to her. Peach can hover in the air for seconds at a time. For jumping gorges or over empty spaces, Peach is your gal. Once again, with upsides there has to be downsides; in Peach’s case, speed. Peach is noticeably slower than other characters and trails behind them. Making a surprise appearance in this game, hailing from Super Mario Galaxy, the final character is Rosalina. Rosalina doesn’t have any disadvantages besides being obtained late-game. As her pro, she gets a spin attack to knock enemies out.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review

Italicized: Not mandatory for comprehending this review.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a monument in gaming history. Almost everyone has heard of this game. For some, it was their first game. It combined all the best aspects of it’s predecessors and created one legendary game. As always, this review will be broken up into three parts: game-play, graphics, and controls.

Game Play:

Ocarina of Time’s game play is very simplistic, yet immerses you in the game. A brief explanation of the game play of the series may be required. Basically, The Legend of Zelda is a puzzle solving game with the addition of combating enemies. The player are forced into situations where you must solve puzzles ranging from vague to blatantly obvious. You use different tools such as a bow and arrow or a boomerang to help solve these puzzles.  Ocarina of Time takes this to a whole new level and adds a 3D aspect to these puzzles. This mechanic had never been introduced in the gaming industry till then, and was conceptually revolutionary to all the players and rival companies. Another great addition to this game was the music. From 16-bit tracks to full-on orchestral pieces, this game blew many of it’s predecessors out of the water. Each song fit the environment the player was in, by using different instruments to create the desired atmosphere. As many Zelda players know, this series is renowned for its riveting plots. With this game in particular,  the player is thrown into chaos when your character is told he need to save his world, Hyrule. After attaining the three pendants of the goddess Hylia, your character makes his way to the Temple of Time to retrieve the Master Sword, fabled to have slain the dark lord. After pulling it from it’s pedestal, you fall into a seven year slumber to awaken as the Hero of Time. You are informed to unite all the seven sages for the final battle against the Dark Lord Ganondorf. Long story short, you go through massive growth to slay Ganondorf. The plot unfolds in a logical, smooth fashion. It does exceedingly well by not divulging the outcome of completing your task, which makes for a huge surprise and plot twist. I find the Game Play to be superlative.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released on November 21, 1998 in Japan. For the graphical limitations of that time, the look of this game was cutting-edge. Each area the player was in, really captured the theme Nintendo was trying to fabricate. Take the Fire Temple for example. (image: http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Zelda05/Walkthrough/08/8_Fire36_Large.jpg) The ambiance emulates a temple based around fire. The environment looked very dangerous not just because of the lava, but also because the area radiated a sense of foreboding. Overall, the graphics are top notch considering this game came out more than a decade ago.


Finally, we move onto the controls for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. When it comes to controls, it is of paramount importance that a game have smooth, easy, and comfortable controls. If buttons are a strain to reach with your hand, that’s a problem. If the controls do not respond to your command, then that’s a problem. Your character may not move on time or moves lethargically. Finally, the controls must not be too complicated. If the controls are too complicated, you may get confused or click the wrong button. Ocarina of Time has very smooth controls in that the character moves synchronously with your order. The controls are also simple yet organized. This makes for easy navigation through all the commands and buttons. Coupled with this, the controller for this console fits perfectly with the games demands. To summarize, the controls are very easy to learn, comfortable, and smooth.

I fortify my opinion that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a masterpiece in the The Legend of Zelda series and gaming history. Each individual verdict I gave proved that this game still has a place amongst all the greats even when faced with the advent of modern games. This game is absolutely phenomenal in all ways, and I truly implore you buy this game and give it a shot. It is worth every penny. My final verdict of this game is 9.8/10.


Word Bank:

blatantly: brazenly obvious

renowned: known or talked about by many people; famous

riveting: completely engrossing; compelling

fabled: fictitious

divulging: make known (private or sensitive information)

superlative: of the highest quality or degree

fabricate: to make or build

ambiance: that which surrounds or encompasses; environment

emulates: to try to equal or excel; imitate with effort to equal or surpass

foreboding: fearful apprehension; a feeling that something bad will happen

paramount: more important than anything else

lethargic: sluggish and apathetic

synchronously: happening, existing, or arising at precisely the same time

advent: the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event